ADDVANCE obtains maximum public funding at Neotec Program


At Addvance Manufacturing Technologies S.L (AD2 ADDVANCE), we’ve obtained funding from the Neotec program, granted by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), which grants up to 325,000 euros for the development of the first prototype of an autonomous manufacturing cell, using Machine Learning and Artificial Vision for the validation and inspection of the parts.

Since our foundation in 2019, we are focused on the development of technology for the efficient implementation of additive manufacturing; being part of the network of science and technology companies based in the Community of Madrid, STARTUP RADAR MADRID+D. During this time, AD2 ADDVANCE has become a regional benchmark in the industrialization of additive manufacturing in Madrid, with the support of MADRID Emprende, an entrepreneurship program supported by the Madrid City Council, and participating in TRENLAB acceleration program, promoted by RENFE, and in the program to support startups with impact on sustainability, ARIN, promoted by PwC Spain, Impact Hub and BEAZ.

AD2 ADDVANCE has been positioned in the top 30 of more than 500 companies, receiving a score of 83.50 out of 100, which gives us the maximum funding that companies can apply for, reaching 85% of the project.

The autonomous cell we have designed will allow remote manufacturing on demand, producing parts in the facilities where they will be used, at the precise moment they are required and in short runs, thus avoiding the production and stockpiling of unnecessary elements. 


Thanks to AD2 ADDVANCE’s technology, from a digital inventory, parts can be manufactured, verified and certified remotely. In this way, its technology involves the development of software, integrating Artificial Intelligence based on Machine Learning for process monitoring, and hardware, an autonomous production cell for on-demand manufacturing.

It is undoubtedly a great opportunity to transform the industrial sector with a proposal that focuses on efficiency in logistics and mantenance operations, and offers a sustainable solution for responsible production.

ADDvance is proud to have obtained funding through the Neotec program, which evaluates the technological excellence of the project. It’s the result of much effort and the work of a great team, and it’s also a great opportunity for our business development.


Therefore, on February 16th, we presented at the Showcase of the #BOOSTINGZONE of TRANSFIERE, international fair of Technology and Innovation, presenting this project.


In addition, at this moment, we’ve expanded our workforce, and we’ll continue to grow throughout the year. We have also opened a seed investment round.