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Digital Inventory: All you need to know (Part 1) 

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The benefits of 3D printing to make distributed manufacturing possible, close to the point of consumption, reducing logistics costs and environmental footprint of transport on a global scale have been known for years. Manufacturing on demand, when needed, reducing stocks and making rational use of resources, raw materials and energy. To make this possible and […]

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AdditiveLab – Comparison of meshing techniques

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Simulation using the Fine Element Method (EF) requires the use of a simulation mesh. Today, these meshes are generated by simulation software automatically; integrated automatic algorithms “split” three-dimensional (3D) designs into smaller elements that will essentially represent geometric shapes. In addition to division, mesh algorithms usually allow to define into which types of elements the […]

Additive manufacturing in industrial applications

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The industries that use additive manufacturing with greater intensity are, ordered by percentage of introduction by market volume: industrial and automotive, aerospace, dental and medical, energy, defense and luxury goods. Specifically, the industrial and machinery sector represents 20% of the total. In this post we show you the different examples of applications of additive manufacturing […]

Tailor-made medicine by 3d printing

3D printing: tailor-made medicine?

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Introduction of 3D printing in medicine 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technique that creates three-dimensional objects by constructing successive layers of raw material such as metals, plastics, and ceramics. Objects are produced from a digital file, developed from a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, allowing the manufacturer to easily make […]

AdditiveLab – Unleashing the Power of Additive Manufacturing Simulation

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Additive manufacturing comes with a number of challenges. Some of these are related to thermal effects during the manufacturing process, which include the management of cooling rates to ensure homogeneity of material properties. Simulation with AdditiveLab can help optimize pauses within layers (dwell times) or beam path design, to ensure homogeneous cooling rates and the […]