Digital Warehouse: Everything You Need to Know (Part 2)

3d printer

In our previous post we told you what a digital warehouse is and how it should be managed. Today we discover what its components and applications are. Read! 

Digital Warehouse Components

1. Libraries or folders

Quick and immediate tool for part sorting or associated process assignment. You can create and configure: 

  • By departments or services users of 3D printing of the entity.
  • By customers.
  • By component type. 
  • By technology or preset manufacturing process. 
  • Other. 

When registering a piece in the inventory, it can be assigned to one or more libraries. 

Biblioteca Inventario Digital

2. Parts or products

Information fields of each part, sorted and presented in different tabs, with the possibility of customization. 

Part information fields are supplemented with files or attachments required for the process. 

CAD file, STL, G-CODE files or others for manufacturing, verification, or raw material, among others, that can be customized. 

3. Work orders

Through the platform it is possible to create production orders for the number of parts needed. 

The supplier or manufacturing service can visualize the information of the part and the work order by accessing the platform with its user, accepting it, requesting information or submitting a quote. 

Ordenes de trabajo

Use cases

1. Use at hospital environment



Users of the different services or hospital units that require printing services. Upload the STL files and all requirements associated with the final parts. 


By services or hospital units, by categories of pieces…  Complete manufacturing information and certification of final part. 

2. Use in educational or research environment


Users of the different classes or departments that use printing services. They upload the STL files, and all the requirements associated with the final parts. 


By classes or projects, by categories of pieces… Complete manufacturing information and validation of the final part. 

Digital Warehouse and Complete Process 

  • Digital Warehouse Module: Parts information – files – certification requirements – key process/inspection/validation parameters. The Fingerprint is generated  and will be checked at the end of the process.
  • Process Management and Production Control Module: process monitoring, physical traceability and digital flow security.
  • Quality Management Module: validation of process parameters + verification + Fingerprint. 

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